About Invenire


The Latin verb invenire means to find something through methodical search; to learn (through scientific inquiry), to discover, to invent.

Using our reliable method and their own invention, the translator teams working for us meticulously search for the right meanings. For every source text, they find the equivalent that exists in the target language.

Similarly, our staff ‘translate’ the Customers’ needs into success of their specific translation or conference projects.

Invenire defines the nature of our work, we have the answers to difficult questions:

  • How to translate a hundred pages in one day and arrive at a quality that could be achieved by a single translator who specialises in a given area?
  • How to organise a conference with interpretation into 23 official EU languages at such a quality and with such order of organisation as if there was only a single cabin and two experienced interpreters?

Paradox and method

Invenire is a translation agency that DOES NOT TRANSLATE.

In each and every language, everything has already been named. Therefore, we DO NOT TRANSLATE; we merely search for the existing equivalents in the target language.

We find the equivalents thanks to the tried-and-tested method and the procedures we apply.

Invenire is a well-thought-out and proven method of acquiring information, knowledge and skills, and then putting them into practice.

Invenire is a coherent organisation and method of work in a wide sense. It comprises the recruitment system, teamwork, cooperation between teams on-line and in real time, multistage translation and revision process, equipment modernized and software updated on an ongoing basis; project-oriented approach to Customers (tailored to their needs), ’one stop shop’ and on-line services.

Invenire is the application of human knowledge and skills to work on an industrial scale.

Our history

We started in 1997 under the name AMG Communications. We were one of the first translation companies in Poland to translate EU legal acts into Polish. In the following years, we strengthened our position as a translation agency that specialises in managing large projects for public institutions, and later also for private corporations. Having such projects in mind, we decided to abandon the traditional, but ineffective form of cooperation with numerous freelancers working each on his/her own, and from 2000 onwards we started building a team of in-house translators. At the same time, we kept investing in conference interpreting equipment. In the years 2007-2008, we took over shares in our competitor, Global Target Communication (GTC). The company evolved dynamically on the market in public procurement for translation and interpretation services. As a result, in 2008 we established GTC AMG Sp. z o.o. that has been operating under the trade name Invenire since 2009.