Conference services

Simultaneous interpreting equipment


We use state-of-the-art digital conference equipment by Bosch and DIS which makes it possible to:Cater to the needs of an unlimited number of conference participants;

  • Provide simultaneous interpreting into up to 32 languages and enable 8 delegates to take the floor simultaneously (8 microphones active at the same time);
  • Audio transfer in a digital standard, uninterrupted by external factors;
  • Intuitive use of equipment by conference participants;
  • Vote count where necessary;
  • Audio recording of a conference in a digital format.



Our booths comply with standard ISO 4043, have CE certificates, and have been approved by the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) . Our booths were used for conferences organised during the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Auxiliary equipment

tl_files/magazyn/zdjecia/phoca_thumb_l__mg_5121.JPGApart from equipment for simultaneous interpreting and discussions, we also provide auxiliary room equipment: sound systems, platforms, and multimedia equipment (screens, cameras, OHPs, etc.).

We provide comprehensive interpreting and technical conference services. We can take care of complex conference projects and, depending on the needs, translate presentations, interpret simultaneously into a number of languages and in several rooms at the same time; we offer face-to-face/consecutive interpreting; we provide all the equipment required for interpreting, visualisation and view of the room or speakers (rotating camera, large screens); we make audio and video recording (footage); we offer additional equipment (PCs, printers, copiers, wireless Internet, etc.); and – last but not least – we employ hostesses...

Portable devices

tl_files/magazyn/zdjecia/mGuide-Em-Tie.JPGtl_files/magazyn/zdjecia/mGuide-Rec-02.JPGWe use a portable system for simultaneous interpreting, which makes it possible to render simultaneous interpreting services to people on the move (during field visits, on-site visits to plants, fairs, etc.).

A very important application of the system is when a person for whom interpreting is done participates in a meeting held in a foreign language and no interpreting into that language is provided, i.e. in situations where whispered interpreting would traditionally be required.

mGuide stands for greater comfort of both the target audience and the interpreter, allowing high sound quality interpretation to reach a target audience of up to twenty people.